Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Luddite Welcomes you.

Welcome to the Urban Luddite’s first post ever. I should probably explain the blog title and say that that I don’t roam about, smashing i-phones and laptops. The blog itself would be impossible without technology of course. It has been pointed out to me however, by several friends and loved ones, that I have a somewhat shaky relationship with modernity, or whatever term you would like to slap on our never ending drive towards “progress.” It’s not a word that gets used so often these days and yet I would submit that the attitudes of our positivistic past have not really left us.

If you are the sort of person who feels just a bit ill every time you enter a box store, or who cringes at the armies of chain “restaurants” laying siege to what used to be the countryside, you may feel a touch of commonality with me and my hopefully not too grumpy dispatches.

Looking forward to future posts,

The Urban Luddite.

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